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Best Free Online Cloud Storage Services

Are you running your own business? Well, chances are, you are always working from home, or working in a number of various locations. In order to be efficient, you need to have access to business documents 24/7.

At this day and age, there are tons of online storage services you can use. Are you having a hard time choosing the right one for your routine? Just read any top website hosting review. Below are some of the free solutions that you can consider.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive provides 15GB of storage for free, and just like SkyDrive, it is huge on integration. You can upload documents created on Microsoft Word, and migrate them to the native format of Google Drive. This platform also allows you to collaborate with other people.

2. SkyDrive

This is the cloud storage solution for you if your office is managed by Microsoft Software. It is totally free, and functions as a stripped-down Office 365 version. It is basically an online version of OneNote, Powerpoint, Excel and Word.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox provides only 2GB of free disk space, but still a great option for many people. This platform supports both mobile and desktop devices, and excels in community support and many third-party choices that leverage its API format.

4. Box

Box.com provides a vast range of features, and is a great option for every professional. It focuses on individuals who utilize a range of computers in order to do their work. It also generates plenty of links for file sharing, so you can have access to different documents, and collaborate with more people effectively.

5. iCloud

iCloud is the number one choice for people who use Apple devices. However, you can also use it even if you are not an Apple user. It syncs different files, and allow you to share it to whomever you please. It provides 5GB worth of cloud storage.

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