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How Do I Get Started in Affiliate Marketing?

You have heard from your friend that he knows some people that have amassed thousands of dollars online. And no, they did not earn money through scummy practices but instead, they are into affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a truly great way for you to earn money online. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather it is a business that one needs to cultivate to continually earn money through this medium.
If I have piqued your interest, read further to find out how you can get started.

Choose Your Platform

The first thing that you need to do would be to create your own platform. A platform, in this sense, talks about your vehicle that will drive this money-making machinery.
One of the most common platforms that affiliate marketers use is a blog. This way, they can create written content that will help drive more traffic to their affiliate company’s website.
Of course, you are not limited to blogging as there are so many avenues you can explore. Others would turn to create a Youtube or Instagram account as both of them are really great platforms for both affiliate and digital marketing.

Learn About SEO

As an affiliate, your main job is to create content. However, creating content is just one part of the equation; SEO is another one.
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it just talks about a set of techniques that you can use to ensure that you are driving more traffic to you and your partner merchants’ websites.
I highly encourage that you learn more about this, especially the things that pertain to helping improve your page ranking and how to search and use keywords appropriately.

Build an Email List

When you are about to create your content, think about your target audience first. This is so that you will know what type of content to make and what topics you should tackle.
Then, you’d want to build your email list. An email list is basically just a list of people who have opted in to your mailing form. These people will be sent emails every time there is something new on your website or if there are some affiliate products that you want to promote.

Sign Up to Affiliate Networks

Normally, affiliates have the freedom to choose their own affiliate programs. Think of affiliate programs as sort of a contract that both you (the affiliate) and your partner company can agree upon. An affiliate program also stipulates the rules of the game and you must read them entirely and understand what was written.
However, if you do not want to get into the hassle of searching for affiliate programs in so many different places, then you’d want to sign up to affiliate networks instead.
Affiliate networks act as the middleman between you and different brands. Your payouts might get slashed a little bit since they also get fees from you, but this is a much easier option to take, especially if you are still new to this industry.

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